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  • Modelling safety properties of interactive medical systems

    Reeves, Steve; Bowen, Judy (ACM, 2013)
    Formally modelling the software functionality and interactivity of safety-critical devices allows us to prove properties about their behaviours and be certain that they will respond to user interaction correctly. In domains ...
  • A tale of two studies

    Bowen, Judy; Reeves, Steve; Schweer, Andrea (ACS, 2013)
    Running user evaluation studies is a useful way of getting feedback on partially or fully implemented software systems. Unlike hypothesis-based testing (where specific design decisions can be tested or comparisons made ...
  • Using ontologies to reason about the usability of interactive medical devices in multiple situations of use

    Bowen, Judy; Hinze, Annika (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2012)
    Formally modelling interactive software systems and devices allows us to prove properties of correctness about such devices, and thus ensure effectiveness of their use. It also enables us to consider interaction properties ...