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  • Adaptive techniques for specification matching in embedded systems: A comparative study

    Malik, Robi; Roop, Partha S. (Springer, Berlin, 2005)
    The specification matching problem in embedded systems is to determine whether an existing component may be adapted suitably to match the requirements of a new specification. Recently, a refinement called forced simulation ...
  • Conflicts and projections

    Malik, Robi; Flordal, Hugo; Pena, Patricia N. (IFAC, 2007)
    This paper studies abstraction methods suitable to verify very large models of discrete-event systems to be nonconflicting. It compares the observer property to methods known from process algebra, namely to conflict ...
  • On the set of certain conflicts of a given language

    Malik, Robi (IEEE, 2004)
    Two concurrent processes are said to be in conflict if they can get trapped in a situation where they both are waiting or running endlessly, forever unable to complete their common task. In the design of reactive systems, ...