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  • Analysing chromatographic data using data mining to monitor petroleum content in water

    Holmes, Geoffrey; Fletcher, Dale; Reutemann, Peter; Frank, Eibe (Springer, 2009)
    Chromatography is an important analytical technique that has widespread use in environmental applications. A typical application is the monitoring of water samples to determine if they contain petroleum. These tests are ...
  • Logistic model trees

    Landwehr, Niels; Hall, Mark A.; Frank, Eibe (Springer, Berlin, 2005)
    Tree induction methods and linear models are popular techniques for supervised learning tasks, both for the prediction of nominal classes and numeric values. For predicting numeric quantities, there has been work on combining ...
  • Naive Bayes for regression

    Frank, Eibe; Trigg, Leonard E.; Holmes, Geoffrey; Witten, Ian H. (SPRINGER, 2000-10-01)
    Despite its simplicity, the naive Bayes learning scheme performs well on most classification tasks, and is often significantly more accurate than more sophisticated methods. Although the probability estimates that it ...
  • Using model trees for classification

    Frank, Eibe; Wang, Yong; Inglis, Stuart J.; Holmes, Geoffrey; Witten, Ian H. (1997-04)
    Model trees, which are a type of decision tree with linear regression functions at the leaves, form the basis of a recent successful technique for predicting continuous numeric values. They can be applied to classification ...