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  • Functional and spatial pressures on terrestrial vegetation in Antarctica forced by global warming

    Green, T.G. Allan; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Pintado, Ana; Schroeter, Burkhard (Springer, 2011)
    There is growing interest in what controls the present distribution of terrestrial vegetation in Antarctica because of the potential use of biodiversity as an indicator or predictor of the effects of climate change. Recent ...
  • Quantified vegetation change over 42 years at Cape Hallett, East Antarctica

    Brabyn, Lars; Beard, Catherine; Seppelt, Rodney D.; Rudolph, E.D.; Türk, Roman; Green, T.G. Allan (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
    This paper reports on the remapping of a carefully documented vegetation plot at Cape Hallett (72°19′S 170°16′E) to provide an assessment of the rates of vegetation change over decadal time scales. E.D. Rudolph, in 1962, ...