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  • Efficient Internet Topology Discovery Techniques

    King, Alistair John (The University of Waikato, 2010)
    Current macroscopic Internet topology discovery projects use large numbers of vantage points to conduct traceroute surveys of Internet paths. These projects send billions of unsolicited packets to millions of routers within ...
  • Measured impact of crooked traceroute

    Luckie, Matthew John; Dhamdhere, Amogh; claffy, kc; Murrell, David (Association for Computing Machinery, 2011-01)
    Data collected using traceroute-based algorithms underpins research into the Internet’s router-level topology, though it is possible to infer false links from this data. One source of false inference is the combination of ...
  • Traceroute probe method and forward IP path inference

    Luckie, Matthew John; Hyun, Young; Huffaker, Bradley (ACM, 2008)
    Several traceroute probe methods exist, each designed to perform better in a scenario where another fails. This paper examines the effects that the choice of probe method has on the inferred forward IP path by comparing ...