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  • Fragmentation and Restoration: Generational Legacies of 21st Century Māori

    Malcolm-Buchanan, Vincent Alan (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    The content of this thesis is premised on a reflexive examination of some historical juxtapositions culminating in critical aspects of being Māori in the twenty first century and how such aspects have informed contemporary ...
  • The one-many problem – one problem or many? Some insights from Plato’s Philebus.

    Legg, Catherine; Gibbons, Stephanie (2010)
    We discuss the one-many problem as it appears in the Philebus and find that it is not restricted to a problem about the relation between universals and the particulars that instantiate them (the “Hylomorphic One-Many ...
  • Predication and the problem of universals

    Legg, Catherine (Philosophical Papers, 2001-07)
    This paper contrasts the scholastic realists of David Armstrong and Charles Peirce. It is argued that the so-called 'problem of universals' is not a problem in pure ontology (concerning whether universals exist) as Armstrong ...