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  • Battery performance assessment method and apparatus

    Scott, Jonathan B.; Single, Peter; Hasan, Rahat (2020)
    The invention provides a battery performance assessment apparatus which includes two terminal connectors configured to electrically connect the assessment apparatus to the positive and negative terminals of a battery being ...
  • Electrode Assembly

    Single, Peter Scott Vallack; Scott, Jonathan B.; McCabe, Steven Owen; Parker, John Louis (2020)
    An electrode assembly for an active implantable medical device comprising: an elongated, biocompatible, electrically non-conductive body, having a first portion and a second portion; one or more biocompatible, electrically ...
  • Implant conductor assembly with improved radio frequency properties

    Scott, Jonathan B.; McCabe, Steven Owen (2021)
    In one aspect the invention provides an implant conductor lead assembly which includes an electrode lead, and at least one field target conductor. The field target conductor(s) is located adjacent to the electrode lead to ...
  • Neurostimulation artefact minimisation

    Single, Peter Scott Vallack; Karantonis, Dean; Scott, Jonathan B. (2020)
    A neurostimulation device has a stimulus, and a position of a measurement electrode relative to the stimulus, configured such that in artefact as arising relative to distance from the stimulus electrode a minima region of ...