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  • Does haste make waste? The human factors of overtaking land design

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Alley, Brett D.; Baas, Peter H.; Wigmore, Brenda (New Zealand Ergonomics Society, 2001)
    The aim of this research was to improve overtaking safety and efficiency through improvements in road signage, markings, geometry and speed control associated with the placement and layout of passing lanes. The approach ...
  • The effectiveness of delineation treatments

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Baas, Peter H.; Towler, Joanna (Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia, 2005)
    A literature review undertaken for Transit NZ has found that delineation has a significant effect on driver behaviour with, for example, shoulder rumble strips reducing run-off-theroad crashes by between 22% and 80% (average ...
  • Fatigue, work-rest cycles, and psychomotor performance of New Zealand truck drivers

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Baas, Peter H. (2006)
    The goal of the present research programme was to find out how common driver fatigue is among New Zealand truck drivers and the degree to which they suffer from fatigue-related effects on their driving performance. To that ...
  • Influencing driver behaviour through road marking

    Baas, Peter H.; Charlton, Samuel G. (2005)
    This paper will describe how road marking can be used to influence driver behaviour in order to improve road safety and traffic flows. Extensive use will be made of examples from recent research undertaken by the authors ...
  • Road user behaviour changes following a self-explaining roads intervention

    Mackie, Hamish W.; Charlton, Samuel G.; Baas, Peter H.; Villasenor, Pablo C. (Elsevier, 2013)
    The self-explaining roads (SER) approach uses road designs that evoke correct expectations and driving behaviours from road users to create a safe and user-friendly road network. Following the implementation of an SER ...