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  • Accompanied by suspicion: An ethnographic account of negotiating gender tensions and positioning in counselling practice and researching child sexuality

    Flanagan, Paul G. (Routledge, 2015)
    This chapter presents my experience of journeying into research on the contentious area of sexuality in childhood. Reflecting on experiences from professional, personal and academic contexts, I expose occasions of discomfort, ...
  • Addressing diversity: Race, ethnicity, and culture in the classroom

    Bishop, Russell (Peter Lang Publishing, 2009)
    The widely accepted educational goals for Maori, established at the first Hui Taumata Matauranga held in 2001, are that Maori ought to be able to live as Maori, actively participate as citizens of the world, and enjoy both ...
  • Advancing Scholarship /scholarship in geography classrooms

    Chalmers, Lex (New Zealand Council for Educational Research Press (NZCER), 2015)
    The Scholarship examination is a longstanding feature of secondary school assessment. Scholarship is available to our “brightest and best” students in geography, and it is designed to recognise excellence and thereby enhance ...
  • Aesthetics of the beautiful: Ideologic tensions in contemporary assessment

    White, Elizabeth Jayne (Peter Lang Publishing Inc., 2011)
    Pedagogy is an uncertain art. Yet by its very nature, contemporary teaching and learning practice typically suggests that the expert teacher must come to know their student well enough to plan and predict for educational ...
  • Afterword: Emotional reason: Challenging cognitivism in education

    Peters, Michael A. (Sense Publishers, 2015)
    In 2004 R. W. Picard and nine colleagues at the MIT Media Lab published “Affective Learning – A Manifesto” that registered a challenge to cognitive theories recognizing the way that the computer as model and metaphor had ...
  • Agile methods for agile universities

    Twidale, Michael B.; Nichols, David M. (Sense Publishers, 2013)
    We explore a term, Agile, that is being used in various workplace settings, including the management of universities. The term may have several related but slightly different meanings. Agile is often used in the context ...
  • Akoranga whakarei: Learning about inclusion from four kura rumaki

    Berryman, Mere (NZCER Press, 2015)
    In 2004 the New Zealand Ministry of Education proposed two research projects to understand how learning, social and cultural outcomes were being promoted for tamariki and rangatahi Māori with special educational needs in ...
  • Algar do Bom Santo: a Middle Neolithic necropolis in Portuguese Estremadura

    Carvalho, António F; Gonçalves, David; Granja, Raquel; Petchey, Fiona (Archaeopress, 2012)
    A research project on the Algar do Bom Santo necropolis started in 2010. This paper presents a preliminary synthesis on the exhumed human population and a first insight into the funerary practices recorded during the site ...
  • 'Almost with ravished listening': A most rare speaker in King Henry VIII (All is True)

    Martin, Fiona (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010)
    Edward Stafford, the third duke of Buckingham, was condemned for high treason and executed on 17 May 1521, despite p rotestations of his innocence throughout his trial and after his indictment. Transplanted from Holinshed's ...
  • Alteration, formation, and occurrence of minerals in soils

    Churchman, G. Jock; Lowe, David J. (CRC Press, 2012)
    This chapter, like Churchman (2000), seeks to bring readers up to date with information and understanding about the alteration of minerals and the nature of their products in the context of the formation and development ...
  • Andisols

    McDaniel, Paul A.; Lowe, David J.; Arnalds, Olafur; Ping, Chen-Lu (CRC Press, 2012)
    Andisols are soils that typically form in loose volcanic ejecta (tephra) such as volcanic ash, cinders, or pumice. They are characterized by andic properties that include physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties ...
  • Anesthesia-induced state transitions in neuronal populations

    Sleigh, James W.; Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Voss, Logan J.; Wilson, Marcus T. (Humana Press., 2010)
    It is a simple observation that the function of the central nervous system changes abruptly at certain critical brain concentrations of the anesthetic drug. This can be viewed as analogous to “state transitions” in systems ...
  • Animals ethics and international law

    Gillespie, Alexander (Federation Press, 2009)
    The purpose of this chapter is to give the reader an overview of where some of the ethical debates around animals and international law are found. In part, the chapter builds upon my earlier work in this area. At the time ...
  • Appendix A: Maps showing the distributions of lakes in New Zealand and their grouping into distinct districts reflecting the predominance of particular geological processes

    Green, John D.; Lowe, David J. (New Zealand Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, 1987-01-01)
    The large-scale maps of each of the lake districts show lakes with a maximum dimension ≥ c0.5 km.
  • Appendix B: Some morphometric parameters of named lakes with areas [greater than or equal to] 1.0 km2, and some smaller lakes, in New Zealand

    Lowe, David J.; Green, John D. (New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1987-01-01)
    Gaps indicate uncertainty or that accurate data are unavailable. Note that lakes with fluctuating levels e.g., those used for hydro-electric purposes, or near coasts have varying parameters. Table based mainly on Irwin ...
  • Appendix: The GL(n) pack Manual

    Broughan, Kevin A. (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
    This appendix is the manual for a set of functions written to assist the reader to understand and apply the theorems on GL(n, R) set out in the main part of the book. The software for the package is provided over the World ...
  • Application of an analytical framework to describe young students' learning in technology

    Milne, Louise; Chambers, Megan; Moreland, Judy; Jones, Alister (Centre for Technology Education Research, Griffith University, 2002)
    This paper discusses a framework for describing and analysing how young students (5–6 years) learn in technology with a view towards enhancing teaching and learning practice in technology. Examples of student work which ...
  • Arnold Manaaki Wilson: Te Awakaunua

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia (Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, 2008)
    Arnold Manaaki Wilson was born in 1928, in Ruatoki, a community which nestles beneath the misty Taiarahia hills, following the curves of the Ohinemataroa river valley – known to others as of his tuhoe people. They know him ...
  • Ashton-Warner, Sylvia Constance

    Middleton, Sue (Ministry of Culture and Heritage, 2012)
    An overview of the life and career of Educationalist, teacher, writer Sylvia Constance Ashton-Warner.
  • Assessment in schools – Technology education and ICT

    Jones, Alister; Cowie, Bronwen; Moreland, Judy (Elsevier, 2010)
    People use technology to intervene in the world to expand their possibilities, applying both intellectual and practical resources. It encompasses more than information and communication technologies (ICTs). Technology is ...