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  • Kava and ethno-cultural identity in Oceania

    Aporosa, S. 'Apo' (Springer Nature, 2019)
    Garibaldi and Turner (Ecol Soc 9:1, 5, 2004) explain the role that particular plants play in facilitating the shared ancestry, practices, and social experience of an ethnicity. This can include spiritual connections, ...
  • Kava, the devil, and the snake: Pentecostal iconoclasm in contemporary Fiji

    Aporosa, S. 'Apo' (2019)
    In his book, The Polynesian Iconoclasm, Jeff Sissons (2014) explains that within a short period of time during the early 1800’s a number of island societies in eastern Polynesia desecrated or destroyed many of their temples ...
  • Kava: Untangling fact from fiction

    Aporosa, S. 'Apo' (2017)
    Kava, in both its plant and drink form, is Pasifika’s ‘cultural keystone species’ and a potent icon of identity with some of its medicinal efficacy legitimised within Western pharmacology and research. However, for every ...
  • Tongan men talk when the language (talanoa) and context (faikava) are Tongan

    Vaka, Sione (The University of Waikato, 2017)
    In Tongan society, Tongan males have the authority, while Tongan females hold the senior ranks in society. Other roles and responsibilities, including father, leader, provider, protector, negotiator, communicator, mentor ...