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  • “All you can eat” ontology-building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc

    Sarjant, Samuel; Legg, Catherine; Robinson, Michael; Medelyan, Olena (IEEE Computer Society, 2009)
    In order to achieve genuine web intelligence, building some kind of large general machine-readable conceptual scheme (i.e. ontology) seems inescapable. Yet the past 20 years have shown that manual ontology-building is not ...
  • Argument-forms which turn invalid over infinite domains: Physicalism as supertask?

    Legg, Catherine (Editions Rodopi BV, 2008)
    Argument-forms exist which are valid over finite but not infinite domains. Despite understanding of this by formal logicians, philosophers can be observed treating as valid arguments which are in fact invalid over infinite ...
  • Bill Gates is not a parking meter: Philosophical quality control in automated ontology building

    Legg, Catherine; Sarjant, Samuel (The International Association for Computing and Philosophy, 2012)
    The somewhat old-fashioned concept of philosophical categories is revived and put to work in automated ontology building. We describe a project harvesting knowledge from Wikipedia’s category network in which the principled ...
  • Catnesses

    Legg, Catherine (Carus Publishing Company, 2008)
    An introduction to cat metaphysics.
  • Charles Peirce's limit concept of truth

    Legg, Catherine (Wiley, 2014)
    This entry explores Charles Peirce's account of truth in terms of the end or ‘limit’ of inquiry. This account is distinct from – and arguably more objectivist than – views of truth found in other pragmatists such as James ...

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