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  • Hau

    Lodge, Martin (Composers Association of New Zealand, 2007)
    The article presents reflections on some issues encountered when combining traditional Maori and Western concert music. These issues include tradition and repertoire versus innovation, control versus freedom, collaboration ...
  • Illuminations: a proposed taxonomy for death-inspired works in Western art music

    Lodge, Martin (Australasian Association of Writing Progams, 2017)
    Throughout the history of Western art music, death has been a major stimulus for composers, and it continues to be so for contemporary musicians. Composer responses to death have been predominantly associated with emotions ...
  • A search for tradition & a search for a language [Review]

    Lodge, Martin (Intellect, 2016)
    This article reviews the book "A Search for Tradition and A Search for a Language", by Douglas Lilburn.
  • Summer of Euphony

    Lodge, Martin (Steele Roberts, 2015)
    This is a contribution included in the book ‘Jack! Celebrating Jack Body, Composer’. A book which celebrates the life and work of Jack Body through the recollections of friends and colleagues.

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  • Léonce de Saint-Martin: Organist and Composer

    Smith, Philip Andrew (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    This study examines the life and work of the largely forgotten organist Léonce de Saint-Martin and the role he played in the life of Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris. The Study consists of two parts: A) Performance The ...
  • The High Art of Trip Hop: Extending the Bristol Sound by Incorporating Compositional Approaches from Classical Music

    Wragg, Jeffrey Stephen (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    ‘The High Art of Trip Hop’ defines the Bristol sound and extends it through new composition techniques. The two-part thesis combines musicological and practice-led research. Part one analyses the Bristol sound, a style ...
  • Composition Portfolio

    Cao, YunQi (University of Waikato, 2016)
    This portfolio consist of five works: an octet (for flute, erhu, yangqin, guzheng, two violins, viola and cello), a trio (for violin, cello and piano), a piano suite, a song cycle and a duet (for flute and harp). The aim ...
  • A Kind of Magic: Identifying and Analysing Queen's Idiolect, 1973-1980

    Braae, Nicholas (University of Waikato, 2016)
    ‘A Kind of Magic’ is a musicological study of the British band Queen’s output between 1973 and 1980. The research analyses 90 songs across eight studio albums, and covers the era during which Queen emerged as one of the ...
  • Portfolio of compositions

    Tang, Xu (University of Waikato, 2015)
    The compositions in this portfolio aim to synthesise aspects of contemporary Western classical composition with techniques from traditional Chinese classical music in a way unique to the composer. That aim generates a ...

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