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  • From pillow to podium: a review on understanding sleep for elite athletes

    O'Donnell, Shannon Lea; Beaven, Christopher M.; Driller, Matthew W. (Dove Medical Press, 2018)
    Sleep is considered vital to human health and well-being, and is critical to physiological and cognitive functioning. Elite athletes experience high training and competition demands, and are often exposed to various factors, ...
  • The Influence of Match-Day Napping in Elite Female Netball Athletes

    O'Donnell, Shannon Lea; Beaven, Christopher M.; Driller, Matthew W. (Human Kinetics, 2018)
    Purpose: To assess the effect of match-day napping and duration of naps on perceptual and performance indices in elite female netball players over two consecutive netball seasons. Methods: Fourteen elite female netball ...
  • Sleep and stress hormone responses to training and competition in elite female athletes

    O'Donnell, Shannon Lea; Bird, Steve; Jacobson, Gregory; Driller, Matthew W. (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
    Stress hormone and sleep differences in a competition versus training setting are yet to be evaluated in elite female team-sport athletes. The aim of the current study was to evaluate salivary cortisol and perceptual stress ...
  • Sleep-hygiene education improves sleep indices in elite female athletes.

    O'Donnell, Shannon Lea; Driller, Matthew W. (Berkeley Electronic Press, 2017)
    The importance of sleep in providing psychophysiological recovery in elite athletes is often overlooked. In other populations (eg shift workers and adolescent students), sleep hygiene education may serve to acutely improve ...
  • Sleeping to Perform: Examining Sleep and Exercise in Elite Female Athletes

    O'Donnell, Shannon Lea (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    Sleep plays an essential role in biological functions, and is fundamental for human health and wellbeing. Sleep is also widely recognised as playing an important role in the sporting environment, with an increasing awareness ...

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