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  • Gender minority stress: A critical review.

    Tan, Kyle K.H.; Treharne, Gareth J.; Ellis, Sonja J.; Schmidt, Johanna M.; Veale, Jaimie (2019)
    Past studies that compare cisgender to transgender (or trans) and gender diverse people have found a higher prevalence of mental health problems among the latter groups. This article uses Testa's gender minority stress ...
  • huka can haka: Taonga performing tino rangatiratanga

    Nopera, Tāwhanga Mary-Legs (The University of Waikato, 2017)
    huka can haka is an ongoing body of creative works used to frame the ideas expressed in this thesis. Spoken, ‘huka’ sounds like ‘hooker’, he is a performance persona developed to help heal from the bitter-sweet reality of ...
  • Risk and protective factors for transgender youths' substance use.

    Watson, Ryan J.; Veale, Jaimie; Gordon, Allegra R.; Clark, Beth A.; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. (Elsevier, 2019)
    Research at the intersection of substance use and protective factors among transgender youth is scarce; emerging evidence suggests high risk for substance use for transgender youth. We analyzed data from 323 transgender ...