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  • Design approaches to supercapacitor based surge resistant UPS techniques

    Kularatna, Nihal; Tilakaratne, Lasantha; Kumaran, Parthasaradhy Kozhiparambil (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers., 2011)
    Time constants of supercapacitors are in the range of 100mS to tens of seconds compared to the time durations of power line transients, which are usually within a few hundred microseconds. Therefore supercapacitors should ...
  • Surge capability testing of supercapacitor families using a lightning surge simulator

    Kularatna, Nihal; Fernando, Jayathu; Pandey, Amit; James, Sisira (IEEE, 2011)
    Supercapacitors (SCs) are capable of storing energy in the range of fractional joules to several thousands of joules despite their lower dc voltage ratings. Farad-order capacitances combined with milliohm-order equivalent ...