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  • Bôcher and Abstract Contractions of 2nd Order Quadratic Algebras

    Escobar Ruiz, Mauricio A.; Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Subag, Eyal (Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, 2017)
    Quadratic algebras are generalizations of Lie algebras which include the symmetry algebras of 2nd order superintegrable systems in 2 dimensions as special cases. The superintegrable systems are exactly solvable physical ...
  • Hamilton-Jacobi Theory and Superintegrable Systems

    Armstrong, Craig Keith (The University of Waikato, 2007)
    Hamilton-Jacobi theory provides a powerful method for extracting the equations of motion out of some given systems in classical mechanics. On occasion it allows some systems to be solved by the method of separation of ...
  • Separation equations for 2D superintegrable systems on constant curvature spaces

    Escobar-Ruiz, M.A.; Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2017)
    Second-order conformal quantum superintegrable systems in two dimensions are Laplace equations on a manifold with an added scalar potential and three independent 2nd order conformal symmetry operators. They encode all the ...