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dc.contributor.authorCao, Peng
dc.contributor.authorLu, Li
dc.contributor.authorLai, M. O.
dc.identifier.citationCao, P., Lu, L. & Lai, M. O. (2001). Grain growth and kinetics for nanocrystalline magnesium alloy produced by mechanical alloying. Materials Research Bulletin, 36(5-6), 981- 988.en_US
dc.description.abstractA study on the kinetics of grain growth of an Mg-12.1 wt%Cu alloy produced by mechanical alloying was carried out. The grain sizes of as-mechanically alloyed powder and of cold-compacted annealed powder were determined from the broadening of X-ray lines. The grain size deceases initially due to recrystallization and then increases gradually, and finally ceases to reach an ultimate value regardless of annealing time. From isothermal anneals, the grain growth kinetics can be described by Dn − D0n = ct, where n (n = 5 to 8) is a constant essentially dependent on the annealing temperature. The activation energy for grain growth Q has been determined to be 118 kJ/mol, which is longer by 26 kJ/mol than that for pure magnesium. Second-phase intermetallic particle Mg2Cu produced during ball-milling influences not only on activation energy but also on exponent of the kinetic equation.en_US
dc.publisherPergamon Pressen_NZ
dc.subjectX-ray diffractionen_US
dc.titleGrain growth and kinetics for nanocrystalline magnesium alloy produced by mechanical alloyingen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
dc.relation.isPartOfMaterials Research Bulletinen_NZ

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