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dc.contributor.authorHinze, Annika
dc.contributor.authorEvans, Reuben James Emmanuel
dc.identifier.citationHinze, A. & Evans, R.(2006).Keeping track of the semantic web: Personalized event notification. In R. Meersman, Z. Tari et al. (Eds), Proceedings of OTM Confederated International Conferences, CoopIS, DOA, GADA, and ODBASE 2006, Montpellier, France, October 29 - November 3, 2006. (pp. 661-678). Berlin, Germany: Springer.en
dc.description.abstractThe semantic web will not be a static collection of formats, data and meta-data but highly dynamic in each aspect. This paper proposes a personalized event notification system for semantic web documents (ENS-SW). The system can intelligently detect and filter changes in semantic web documents by exploiting the semantic structure of those documents. In our prototype, we combine the functionalities of user profiles and distributed authoring systems. Typically, both approaches would lack the ability to handle semantic web documents. This paper introduces the design and implementation of our event notification system for semantic web documents that handles the XML representation of RDF. We analyzed our prototype regarding accuracy and efficiency in change detection. Our system supports sophisticated change detection including partial deletion, awareness for document restructuring, and approximate filter matches.en
dc.subjectcomputer scienceen
dc.titleKeeping Track of the semantic Web: Personalized Event Notificationen
dc.typeConference Contributionen

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