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The Māori & Psychology Research Unit (MPRU), established in 1997, is designed to provide a catalyst and support network for enhancing research which has at its centre the psychological needs, aspirations, and priorities of Māori people.

Collections in Māori & Psychology Research Unit

  • Māori child rearing and infant sleep practices

    Jones, Horiana Majorie; Barber, Carol Cornsweet; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Middlemiss, Wendy (New Zealand Psychological Society, 2017)
    Sleep is important to a healthy lifestyle for parents and children, and having effective ways of putting a child to sleep contributes significantly to mental and physical wellbeing. Cultural groups around the world have ...
  • Introduction

    van Ommen, Clifford; Groot, Shiloh; Masters-Awatere, Bridgette; Tassell-Matamua, Natasha (Massey University Press, 2017)
    The concept of the precariat links to situations and experiences of uncertainty, dependency, powerlessness, perilousness and insufficiency. In one sense, precarity refers to the negative consequences for the wellbeing and ...
  • Developing a minimum data set, known as a core outcome set, for future infertility research

    Duffy, J. M. N.; Vercoe, M.; Alahwany, H.; Bhattacharya, S.; Collura, B.; Curtis, Cate; Evers, J.L.H.; Farquharson, R.G.; Franik, S.; Giudice, L.; Khalaf, Y.; Knijnenburg, J.M.L.; Leeviers, B.; Legro, R.S.; Lensen, S.; Martinez-Vazquez, J.M.; Mavrelos, D.; Mol, B.W.; Niederberger, C.; Ng, E.H.Y.; Otter, A.S.; Puscasiu, L.; Rautakallio-Hokkanen, S.; Repping, S.; Simpson, J.L.; Strandell, A.; Strawbridge, C.; Torrance, H.L.; Vail, A.; van Wely, M.; Vuong, N.L.; Wang, A.Y.; Wang, R.; Wilkinson, Y.; Youssef, M.A.; Farquhar, C.M. (2020)
    Background: Complex issues, including a failure to consider the perspectives of people with fertility problems when selecting outcomes, variations in outcome definitions, and outcome reporting bias, make the results of ...
  • Training and maintaining autonomy-supportive supervisory style in low-skilled occupations

    Yong, Amy; Roche, Maree A.; Sutton, Anna (2019)
    According to self-determination theory, employees' well-being is related to the autonomy-supportive style of a supervisor. However, the effect of supervision style on well-being remains understudied in low-skilled occupations. ...
  • Supervisory skills training for the neglected supervisors: development and preliminary evaluation of an autonomy-supportive programme

    Yong, Amy; Roche, Maree A.; Sutton, Anna (Emerald, 2019)
    Purpose Previous studies have demonstrated that an autonomy-supportive supervision style is associated with improved well-being and positive behaviours for supervisees. However, autonomy-supportive training (AST) has yet ...
  • Mode choice and mode commitment in commuters

    Sivasubramaniyam, Rathee D.; Charlton, Samuel G.; Sargisson, Rebecca J. (Elsevier, 2020)
    In New Zealand, like many other developed countries, a majority of trips (67%) involve the use of private cars, producing negative effects on the environment and public health. Interventions aimed to reduce car use can be ...
  • Weber's law and the scalar property of timing: A test of canine timing

    Cliff, Jessica Helen; Jackson, Surrey M.K.; McEwan, James S.A.; Bizo, Lewis A. (MDPI, 2019)
    Domestic dogs completed a temporal bisection procedure that required a response to one lever following a light stimulus of short duration and to another lever following a light stimulus of a longer duration. The short and ...
  • Drivers’ response to speed warnings provided by a smart phone app

    Starkey, Nicola J.; Charlton, Samuel G.; Malhotra, Neha; Lehtonen, Esko (2020)
    The distractive effects of mobile phones are well documented, but the recent development of mobile phone apps that provide speed advisory warnings raises the possibility that this technology may be used to improve driver ...
  • Living the good life: A meta-analysis of authenticity, well-being and engagement

    Sutton, Anna (Elsevier, 2020)
    The ‘good life’ is described by philosophers and psychologists as consisting of authentic expression of self, a sense of well-being, and active engagement in life and work. Well-being and employee engagement are outcomes ...
  • He kākano mai i Rangiātea

    Masters-Awatere, Bridgette (The New Zealand Psychological Society, 2016)
    This chapter describes reflections of learning that took place during my doctoral research. It is presented in the form of a story in which my skills as an external evaluator were sought out to evaluate Manawanui, a hapū ...
  • A statistical portrait of the New Zealand precariat

    Cochrane, William; Stubbs, Thomas; Rua, Mohi; Hodgetts, Darrin (Massey University Press, 2017)
    Social inequalities have been increasing in New Zealand since the 1980s, widely understood to be a consequence of labour and welfare reforms that increased flexibility in employment, reduced protection for workers, and ...
  • Maximising potential: The psychological effects of the youth development programme Project K

    Furness, Kirsty; Williams, Matt N.; Veale, Jaimie; Gardner, Dianne H. (New Zealand Psychological Society, 2017)
    Project K is a positive youth development programme targeting 13-15 year old students with low self-efficacy. It involves three components: wilderness adventure, community challenge and individual mentoring. This longitudinal ...
  • Non-binary youth: Access to gender-affirming primary health care

    Clark, Beth A.; Veale, Jaimie; Townsend, Marrie; Frohard-Dourlent, Hélène; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
    Background: Transgender (trans) youth who identify outside the gender binary are a growing subpopulation. In this article, we document differences in access to gender-affirming health care between binary and non-binary ...
  • Disordered eating behaviors among transgender youth: Probability profiles from risk and protective factors

    Watson, Ryan J.; Veale, Jaimie; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. (Wiley, 2017)
    Purpose Research has documented high rates of disordered eating for lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth, but prevalence and patterns of disordered eating among transgender youth remain unexplored. This is despite unique ...
  • Factorial validity and invariance assessment of a short version of the recalled childhood gender identity/role questionnaire

    Veale, Jaimie (Springer, 2016)
    Recalled childhood gender role/identity is a construct that is related to sexual orientation, abuse, and psychological health. The purpose of this study was to assess the factorial validity of a short version of Zucker et ...
  • Pasifika women affected by domestic violence: The case of Teuila

    Masters-Awatere, Bridgette; Gosche, Jessica (Massey University Press, 2017)
    Domestic violence is a pervasive social issue in New Zealand, with the majority of victims being women and children. In 2008, the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey found that one in five Pasifika had experienced violence ...
  • Mindfulness as a personal resource to reduce work stress in the job demands-resources model

    Grover, Steven L.; Teo, Stephen T.T.; Pick, David; Roche, Maree A. (Wiley, 2017)
    Based on the job demands‐resources (JD‐R) model, this study examines the different ways that the personal resource of mindfulness reduces stress. Structural equation modeling based on data from 415 Australian nurses shows ...
  • Māori women’s perspectives of leadership and wellbeing

    Ruru, Stacey Mariu; Roche, Maree A.; Waitoki, Waikaremoana (Te Rau Matatini, 2017)
    Within Aotearoa, New Zealand, Māori women are engaged in leadership roles in community and professional workplace settings, however little is known about how they maintain their wellbeing. This research sought to unravel ...
  • Editors’ introduction: Generating data

    Curtis, Bruce; Curtis, Cate (Sage Publications, 2016)
    This Major Work collection explores a number of substantive methodologies and focuses on generating data, drawing primarily on literature from sociology, social psychology, social anthropology, and education.
  • Audio on the go: The effect of audio cues on memory in driving

    Dua, Matthew J.; Charlton, Samuel G. (Elsevier BV, 2019)
    An inability to recall details from an otherwise uneventful drive on a familiar route is a common experience to many. Whether this amnesia for everyday driving is because we don't actually form strong memories when we are ...

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