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dc.contributor.authorIlanko, Sinniah
dc.contributor.authorTucker, Alan
dc.identifier.citationIlanko, S. Tucker, A. (2005). The use of negative penalty functions in solving partial differential equations. Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, 21(3), 99-106.en
dc.description.abstractIn variational and optimization problems where the field variable is represented by a series of functions that individually do not satisfy the constraints, penalty functions are often used to enforce the constraint conditions approximately. The major drawback with this approach is that the error due to any violation of the constraint is not known. In a recent publication dealing with the Rayleigh-Ritz method it was shown that, by using a combination of positive and negative penalty parameters, any error due to the violation of the constraints may be kept within any desired tolerance. This paper shows that this approach may also be used in solving partial differential equations using a Galerkin's solution to Laplace's equation subject to mixed Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions as an example.en
dc.publisherJohn Wiley & Sons Ltden_NZ
dc.subjectnegative penalty functionen
dc.subjectpartial differential equationen
dc.titleThe use of negative penalty functions in solving partial differential equationsen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfCommunications in Numerical Methods in Engineeringen_NZ

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