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dc.contributor.authorUssher, William (Bill) Grant
dc.identifier.citationUssher, B. (2010). Involving a village: student teachers’ sense of belonging in their school-based placement. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 38(2), 103-116.en
dc.description.abstractEducating a student on teaching placement involves a 'village', just as it takes a whole 'village' to raise a child. Creating a 'village' around each student teacher gives them greater agency, a sense of belonging and being valued as a member of that professional 'village'. Participating students, teachers and lecturers share their perceptions of experiences in the one-day school-based placement that student teachers are required to undertake in a University of Waikato distance programme. Opportunities, relationships and a sense of inclusion are identified as influencing characteristics, “the all important human infrastructure that provides the opportunity for learners to succeed” (Campbell-Gibson, 1997, p. 8) rather than any modern technologies. Findings indicate that where the school acted as the 'village of learning', the perceived suitability of the placement as a site for learning teaching was conceptualised through a developed sense of belonging, accomplishment and inclusion. It is argued that greater effort should be made by initial teacher education providers to locate such 'villages' for student teacher placements.en
dc.subjectdistance learningen
dc.subjectprimary schoolen
dc.subjectteacher educationen
dc.titleInvolving a village: student teachers’ sense of belonging in their school-based placementen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfAsia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Educationen_NZ

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