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dc.contributor.authorMorrison, Carey-Ann
dc.identifier.citationMorrison, C.-A. (2010). Heterosexuality and home: Intimacies of space and spaces of touch. Emotion, Space and Society, available online 28 September 2010.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractThis paper uses the notion of touch to understand further the production of heterosexual bodies and home spaces. Specifically, it argues that the everyday geographies of heterosexual touch are an important constituent of homemaking. Considering the ordinary acts of heterosexual touch and home encourages a more nuanced reading of the mutually constitutive relationship between bodies and space. It challenges normative notions about the naturalness and normality of heterosexuality. Drawing on data from joint semi-structured interviews, solicited diaries and self-directed photography with 14 women in heterosexual relationships who live in Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand, I offer an in-depth, critical and nuanced analysis of sexualised touch. Building on suggestions that touch is more than simply cutaneous contact, I show that heterosexual bodies touch and feel bodies, spaces and objects in a variety of ways.en_NZ
dc.subjecthomemaking practicesen_NZ
dc.subjectgendered and sexed embodimenten_NZ
dc.titleHeterosexuality and home: Intimacies of space and spaces of touchen_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ

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