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dc.contributor.authorAllibone, Richard
dc.contributor.authorDavid, Bruno O.
dc.contributor.authorHitchmough, Rodney
dc.contributor.authorJellyman, Donald
dc.contributor.authorLing, Nicholas
dc.contributor.authorRavenscroft, Peter
dc.contributor.authorWaters, Jonathan
dc.identifier.citationAllibone, R., David, B., Hitchmough, R., Jellyman, D., Ling, N., …, Waters, J. (2010). Conservation status of New Zealand freshwater fish, 2009. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, available online on 27 September 210.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractThe threat status of 74 freshwater and estuarine fish present in New Zealand was determined. Fifty-one native taxa were ranked of which 67% were considered Threatened or At Risk. A single species was classified as Extinct, the New Zealand grayling, which has not been observed since the 1920s. Four taxa were classified in the highest threat category, Nationally Critical, and a further 10 taxa as Threatened (Nationally Endangered or Nationally Vulnerable). Twenty taxa were ranked in the At Risk group with the majority ranked as Declining. Endemic galaxiids (Galaxiidae) dominated the Threatened and At Risk taxa. The majority (68%) belonged to the Galaxias genus, comprising 81% of recognised taxa in this genus and all five species in the genus Neochanna were also ranked as Threatened or At Risk. In addition to 51 native taxa, a further three fish species were considered colonists and 20 introduced species were classified as naturalised, although two of these are considered rare. The majority of the Threatened species occur in the Canterbury and Otago regions where a suite of rare non-migratory galaxiids exist. Threat mechanisms that were identified as causal in the decline of freshwater fish species were the impact of introduced fish species, declining water quality, effects of water abstraction, loss of habitat via land-use change and land-use activities, and river modifications.en_NZ
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis Groupen_NZ
dc.subjectthreatened fishen_NZ
dc.subjectendangered fishen_NZ
dc.subjectuncommon fishen_NZ
dc.subjectextinct fishen_NZ
dc.subjectconservation statusen_NZ
dc.subjectNew Zealanden_NZ
dc.subjectthreat classificationen_NZ
dc.titleConservation status of New Zealand freshwater fish, 2009en_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ
dc.relation.isPartOfNew Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Researchen_NZ

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