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dc.contributor.authorCorner, Patricia
dc.contributor.authorPavlovich, Kathryn
dc.identifier.citationCorner, P.D. & Pavlovich, K. (2007). Editorial: Entrepreneurship research: follow the yellow-brick road? Journal of Management & Organization, 13, 288-294.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractIf entrepreneurship theory, research, and practice represent Oz at the culmination of the yellow-brick road, Dorothy and her companions have much company on their journey. For example, one source estimates that 460 million people worldwide either start a new business or become the owners of new businesses annually (Reynolds et al. 2002). Moreover, entrepreneurship is the fastest growing field of study in tertiary education in North America and Europe (Bygrave 2004) and fifteen specialized scholarly journals disseminate research on the topic globally. Within the policy-making arena, the governments of both Australia and New Zealand seek to promote entrepreneurship as an engine of economic growth. This special issue on entrepreneurship thus appears to be timely and can help to take stock of this topic within our Australasian context. It can also serve as a baseline from which to consider directions for future research in this important area of inquiry.en_NZ
dc.titleEditorial: Entrepreneurship research: follow the yellow-brick road?en_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ

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