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dc.contributor.authorParsons, Anthony J.
dc.contributor.authorThornley, John H.M.
dc.contributor.authorNewton, Philip C.D.
dc.contributor.authorRasmussen, Susanne K.
dc.contributor.authorRowarth, Jacqueline S.
dc.identifier.citationParsons, A. J., Thornley, J. H. M., Newton, P. C. D., Rasmussen, S., & Rowarth, J. S. (2013). Soil carbon dynamics: The effects of nitrogen input, intake demand and off-take by animals. Science of The Total Environment, first published 4 March 2013en_NZ
dc.description.abstractElucidation of the drivers of soil carbon (C) change is required to enable decisions to be made on how to achieve soil C sequestration. Interactions between different components in the ecosystem in combination with feedback mechanisms mean that identifying drivers through conventional experimental approaches or by retro-fitting models to data are unlikely to result in the insights needed for the future. This paper explains soil C dynamics by using a process-based model. Drivers considered in the model include nitrogen (N) fertiliser inputs, intake demand, and off-take of animal products. The effect of the grazing animal in uncoupling the C and N cycles is explained, plus the implications of the farming system ('drystock' versus milk). The model enables depiction of the dynamic equilibrium achieved with time when a proposed change in the drivers is sustained. The results show that soil C loss under lactating cows is a result of N, rather than C, being removed in milk. Counter-intuitively, at the same intake demand, N loss under 'milk' is less than under 'dry-stock', as is C loss in animal respiration. Possibilities for changing the longevity of C in the soil are discussed, and the compromise between food production, N loss and C sequestration is considered.en_NZ
dc.relation.ispartofScience of The Total Environment
dc.subjectDry stocken_NZ
dc.subjectHurley pasture modeen_NZ
dc.subjectLactating stocken_NZ
dc.titleSoil carbon dynamics: The effects of nitrogen input, intake demand and off-take by animalsen_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ
dc.relation.isPartOfScience of the Total Environmenten_NZ

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