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Exploring Timorese family funds of knowledge and their use in education

There are many factors that contribute to children’s development, including their social and cultural background. Families play a significant role in children’s development and the funds of knowledge that reside within a family and the wider community can be utilised in a preschool setting to make strong connections for children between their home and the preschool. Research suggests that including families’ funds of knowledge in the preschool curriculum can enhance a child’s engagement in the learning environment and lead to positive educational outcomes. Drawing on Moll and Amanti’s concept of funds of knowledge and using a qualitative methodology, this thesis examines notions of funds of knowledge in preschool settings in Timor Leste. Through the exploration of what funds of knowledge are held by Timorese families and how these may be used in a preschool classroom by teachers, the thesis argues that there is a need for further understanding and acceptance by teachers of the importance of recognising and including families’ funds of knowledge in the preschool classroom. The findings indicate that traditional attitudes about teachers being the authority in learning tend to prevail and this limits parents’ ability to contribute knowledge and assistance to the preschool classroom. There is clear evidence of family and communities’ holding a range of funds of knowledge that could be beneficial for children’s learning if included in classroom practices by teachers. The thesis calls for extensive professional opportunities for teachers to develop understanding about funds of knowledge and how they might make preschools more welcoming for parents.
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Soares Pinto, Z. D. C. (2018). Exploring Timorese family funds of knowledge and their use in education (Thesis, Master of Education (MEd)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/12211
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