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Terra cry : the first birth

Five hundred years have passed. Earth is dead. Cetera is our new home. The ruling conglomerate G.R.A.Z.I.A. strips another planet of its resource. But Cetera isn’t quite like Earth... Beth will do anything to become Cetera’s greatest scientist. Her baby doesn’t have a name yet, but the world has seen it inside her womb. Every other human on the planet is cursed with infertility. The people and their clone children are desperate to know her secret. Faye knows herself as a number, a prisoner, and as ‘the weapon’. Every day she senses the vibrations of people’s bodies, deep within their cells, the slight changes in their temperature, the movement of their blood. She is dumped into a trash compactor and offered a glimpse of freedom, but the planet is in turmoil. Fenrir only read about his half-wolf father’s battles, but he will lead his army just the same. The humans claim that his people, the Kwewu, are the cause of humanity’s infertility. This is a declaration of war and he has no intention of losing. Lilly has lived in a mansion all her life, with everything her heart desired and all the love and warmth a child deserves, but her father, the vice president, becomes reviled by the wolf-people, and her brother idolises their true enemy, Lord Kabel. Skar has lived in the slums of the Floating City all his life but now he is the city’s enemy; a Kwewu on the streets, breaking curfew. A human with wolf ears, a wolf nose, and wolf fur. He and his younger brother are slaves now. Body’s to torture. Mind’s to break. Ellbray is a Kwewu warrior with revenge hot on her mind. Someone killed the last president and his son, and she wants to know who. She’ll pretend to be President Roth’s protector to find out. Even when his fleshy throat is exposed to her sharp canines, she’ll hold back her hatred to find the source of her pain. Whether they’re Kwewu, android, or human, the inhabitants of Cetera will find their answers through pain, suffering and great regret.
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Shirley, M. N. (2020). Terra cry : the first birth (Thesis, Master of Professional Writing (MPW)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/14139
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