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On the stage Māori medium ITE: Listening to students’ voices

Māori-medium initial teacher education (ITE) is a small but highly important group ‘on stage’ in te ao Māori and New Zealand education. While education plays a major role in Māori language revitalisation, Māori language is also pivotal to Māori education if the aspiration ‘to live as Māori’ (Durie, 2001) is to be fulfilled. Māori-medium teachers are critical to the success of learners and their whānau who select a Māori-medium pathway and who can make a meaningful difference to the educational outcomes of Māori (Hōhepa, Hāwea, Tamatea, & Heaton, 2014). This article draws on the students’ voices in a two-year research project that centered on the development of a teaching and learning initiative within one Māori-medium ITE programme. Building on previous work by Hōhepa et al. (2014), this study adds another layer of students’ voices to understand more clearly language related issues and student experiences in Māori-medium ITE programmes. The article presents some of the complexities associated with Māori language regeneration facing students of Māori-medium ITE, with the understanding that whatever appears on the stage is always part of a greater narrative behind the scenes.
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Lee-Morgan, J. B. J., & Muller, M. (2017). On the stage Māori medium ITE: Listening to students’ voices. The New Zealand Annual Review of Education, 22, 21–35. https://doi.org/10.26686/nzaroe.v22i0.4144
Victoria University of Wellington
This article has been published in the journal: The New Zealand Annual Review of Education. Used with permission.