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The perspective of youth leadership through the insight of current Māori leaders

Within Te Ao Māori, leadership qualities are central to Māori cultural norms and societal structures. In particular, a rich legacy of supporting intergenerational leadership exists, wherein following generations are endorsed into these leadership roles. Yet, little is documented in academic literature regarding first-hand experiences of the relationship between current Māori leader’s opinions, experiences, and perceptions for supporting the development of future and upcoming rangatahi into leadership roles. Therefore, this research project seeks to explore how leadership and the value of intergenerational indigenous wisdom can contribute to the supporting and flourishing of rangatahi into leadership roles and responsibilities in their communities to support intergenerational leadership development. A Kaupapa Māori approach was used for the framework to centre Indigenous ways of being and knowing. Eight semi-structured, conversational interviews were conducted with current Māori leaders to understand their perceptions, experiences, and opinions on leadership. These were then analysed using thematic analysis. Three major themes were identified; Mental strategies, Understanding the complexity of Māori leadership, and Intergenerational development. This research affirms the importance of leadership for Māori communities, and in particular, the role of intergenerational knowledge-sharing as key for supporting rangatahi to be well.
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