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There are various software technologies that allow capture and redelivery of lectures. Most of these technologies however rely on the use of proprietary software, often requiring extra efforts from the lecturer in terms of the initial preparation of the lecture material, or in editing and annotating after the lecture to make the material suitable for the students. To review the material students then require access to the proprietary software. This paper describes a system for the lightweight capture of lecture presentations, based on the use of a low-cost large interactive display surface, together with standard Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation software. The captured version of the presentation includes the original lecture slides, graphical annotations made by the lecturer during the lecture, and the audio recording of the lecture; all saved as a PowerPoint file. In addition, the system adds some annotations and index slides to allow quick and easy access to different segments of the presentation. Presentations can be replayed in part or in full as required, preserving all of the content of the live lecture.
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Apperley, M., Jansen, S., Jeffries, A., Masoodian, M., McLeod, L., Paine, L., Rogers, B., Thomson, K. & Voyle, T. (2002). Lecture capture using large interactive display systems. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers in Education, December 03 - 06, 2002(pp. 143). IEEE Computer Society.
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