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Pulling the monstrosity of (hetro)normativity out of the closet: Teacher education as a problem and an answer

For the purposes of this chapter we suggest that (hetero )normativity¹ is a 'malaise' and a 'monstrous spectre, a menacing form of 'symbolic violence' in classrooms within universities, schools and early childhood centres. It is time to bring it out of the closet, not because it is hidden from view but because it is ubiquitous as a naturalised or taken-for-granted practice in the closets of our perceptions. As authors and activist teacher educators/academics/researchers working in a range of education settings, we are committed to changing the status quo by challenging this malaise and monstrosity. The question we face is: How might (hetero)normativity be exposed, challenged and addressed within initial teacher education (ITE) programmes? In this chapter we introduce and contextualise the issue of (hetero) normativity within our own ITE programmes, and identify some useful concepts. We provide a narrative that illustrates (hetero )normativity in education within Aotearoa/New Zealand. Writing in a manner so you, the reader, can 'perch on the periphery' and 'listen in' to the issues and dilemmas we are contending with in our work, we apply Bourdieu's theoretical framework to aid reflection. Our chapter concludes by offering some questions to consider how we, and you, might negotiate our situated practices to accost the spectre - that is, how we might expose and challenge heterosexuality and educate for positive change in relation to sexual diversity in schooling and teacher education.
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lisahunter, Futter-Puati, D., & Kelly, J. (2015). Pulling the monstrosity of (hetro)normativity out of the closet: Teacher education as a problem and an answer. In A. C. Gunn & L. A. Smith (Eds.), Sexual Cultures in Aotearoa/New Zealand Education (pp. 209–225). Dunedin, New Zealand: Otago University Press.
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