Effective supply chain research via the quick scan audit methodology

Purpose – This paper aims to provide an answer to the important question of how can accurate assessment of supply chain practice and performance be conducted? By conducting audits across a sample of value streams it is thereby possible to identify the components of “good practice” via evidence-based procedures. Design/methodology/approach – Quick scan audit methodology (QSAM) is a site-based, team-oriented action research-led investigative technique for establishing meaningful “snapshots” of value stream behaviour. The participants cover both academic researchers and host organisation staff. Findings – QSAM is found to output repeatable results enabling the transfer of technique between companies, between businesses, between market sectors, and between countries. Research limitations/implications – Care must be taken when training new auditors and QSAM teams to ensure the required degree of consistency. There is no substitute for operating a “watch one, share one, do one” regimen. Practical implications – The research purpose is to establish the performance vectors to enable effective value stream health comparisons to be made. Additionally “quick hits” (not “quick fixes”) may well be identified specific to an individual host organisation. Originality/value – QSAM has already made an important contribution in enabling the gap between case-based and survey-based logistics research to be properly bridged.
Journal Article
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Childerhouse, P. & Towill, D.R. (2010). Effective supply chain research via the quick scan audit methodology. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 16(1), 5-10.
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