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Design of twin foldable and tiltable rotors flight vehicle model

With the increasing number of private cars, traffic congestion is getting worse. Compared to the ground, there is a wider space in the sky due to its three-dimensional space. In consideration of this, flight vehicles would be one of the best ways to solve the traffic problem on the ground. A new concept of the structure for the flight vehicle has been presented in this thesis. It has two rotors with folding mechanisms to provide lift. The two rotors could be folded to reduce the size when it is in the car mode. Also because of the twin rotors design, the structure of the rotor head becomes simpler than usual helicopter main rotor head. Moreover, by using some gearboxes, it makes the flying car just using one motor to power the two rotors. The use of these gearboxes can also simplify the structure of the rotor head. Due to the research of this concept is in the initial stage, thus, the project just made a model, not a real flying car to verify the feasibility of the concept. What is more, a method to control the model has been shown in this thesis by using a normal controller. This thesis focuses on the process of making the flight vehicle model including calculation, mechanical design, implementation and control method.
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Zhang, Z. (2017). Design of twin foldable and tiltable rotors flight vehicle model (Thesis, Master of Engineering (ME)). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/11549
University of Waikato
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