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Single screw extruder performance characteristics during processing of corn protein blends

During the last decade, the global biofuels industry has experienced exponential growth. By-products such as distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) have grown in parallel. DDGS is primarily an animal feed, but it has also been shown to be suitable as a biopolymer. In this study, the extrusion processing behaviour of DDGS was evaluated. Prior to processing, water was added to DDGS at a level of 3 kg DDGS to 1.5 kg water (water at 50 parts per hundred (pph)). Additionally, a DDGS/water blend with 50 pph CaCO₃ was used as a tracer to determine residence time during processing. The blends were processed in a single screw autogenous extruder, which relied solely upon friction for dissipative heating. Two die plates were used: one consisted of 6 orifices equally spaced, 2 mm diameter each, with a total opening area of 18.85 mm²; the other consisted of multiple orifices (960 in total) arranged concentrically around the plate, with a diameter of 2.30 mm each, for a total opening area of 3988.45 mm². Processing began with DDGS blends without tracer; after reaching steady state, the tracer blend was introduced. Samples were collected every 5 sec during processing to determine extrudate changes over time. Extruder power consumption, mass flow rate, and temperature profile were determined during processing. Extrudates were analysed for Hunter colour (L-a-b) changes over time. Extrusion processing characteristics were highly influenced by the die opening area. Die exit temperatures ranged from room temperature (25°C) to more than 100°C, purely due to increased friction for the smaller die opening. Future work should characterize the mechanical properties of these extrudates to assess their suitability as either bioplastic feedstocks or pelletized animal feeds.
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Rosentrater, K. A. & Verbeek, C. J. R. (2013) Single screw extruder performance characteristics during processing of corn protein blends. In Proceedings of Chemeca 2013: Challenging tomorrow, Brisbane, Australia, September 29 - October 2, 2013. Brisbane, Australia: Institution of Engineers.
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