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Impact of environmental education on beginning preservice teachers’ environmental literacy

One of the goals of environmental education is the development of environ- mental literacy. The development of environmental literacy for preservice teachers is critical if they are to be con dent and competent to deliver envi- ronmental education in schools. Little is known about the impact of envi- ronmental education on preservice teachers’ environmental literacy and their subsequent practices as teachers within schools in New Zealand. This study used a mixed-methods approach with a pretest and posttest design to examine the environmental literacy of preservice teachers enrolled in a compulsory environmental education paper as part of their Bachelor of Teaching program at a New Zealand university. The perceptions of the pre- service teachers’ preparedness to teach environmental education was also examined. Findings indicate that despite only slight shifts in preservice teachers’ environmental literacy, their con dence to teach environmental education signi cantly increased after completing the paper. Increases in the strength of correlations between environmental knowledge and affec- tive dispositions were observed upon completing the environmental edu- cation paper. Implications of ndings for teacher education programs are discussed. This study could inform curriculum design and teaching and learning practices for effectively preparing preservice teachers to promote the development of the environmental literacy of students in their future schools.
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Dada, D. O., Eames, C. W., & Calder, N. S. (2017). Impact of environmental education on beginning preservice teachers’ environmental literacy. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 33(3), 201–222. https://doi.org/10.1017/aee.2017.27
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