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The Mātauranga Māori in Mathematics Directive: Exploring the place of mātauranga Māori in Mathematics teaching and learning

This thesis explores issues concerning mātauranga Māori in mathematics teaching and learning here in Aotearoa. The Ministry of Education has directed that mana ōrite mō te mātauranga Māori be embedded in teaching, learning, and assessment. Thus, this research primarily aims to understand the development leading to the directive of including mātauranga Māori in education policies. For the English-medium secondary education settings, the second and third aims of this research are to explore what mātauranga Māori means to teachers of mathematics and to consider the connections between mātauranga Māori and mathematics teaching and learning. To investigate these aims, a semi-structured group discussion with four secondary mathematics teachers from an English-medium setting was conducted. The results of this thesis highlight the confusion and challenges secondary mathematics educators have toward defining, and subsequently, implementing mātauranga Māori in their classrooms. This thesis also found that there is enthusiasm and interest around learning how to ensure indigenous and marginalised learners reach their mathematics potential. Believing that indigenous worldviews have the potential to shift education outcomes for minority learners, this thesis adds to literature related to indigenous education, secondary mathematics education, and English-medium education of Māori learners.
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The University of Waikato
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