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Assisting teachers’ understanding of student learning in technology

This article describes a study undertaken in New Zealand, England and Sweden and is based on the use of a tool developed by the researcher as a professional development and teaching tool in technology education for teachers of students between four and six years of age. The aim of the research was to investigate teachers’ views of the effectiveness of the tool designed to deepening their understandings of technology content and pedagogi- cal content knowledge. The tool, technology observations and conversation framework (TOCF) was designed to guide teachers’ interactions with and observations of young chil- dren when learning technology with the aim of developing teacher insight into their own understanding of technology and how students learn technology. The tool was developed using the building of learning power theory to facilitate the identification of key disposi- tions and attitudes within four aspects of learning and across five pre-determined behav- iours relevant to technology education. Qualitative research methods were used to inves- tigate teachers’ interaction with the TOCF by observing their use of it, and interviewing them about their perceived developed understanding of technology content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). The initial purpose of the framework, presented to the teachers prior to teaching, was to guide interactions with students to assist this develop- ment and subsequently assist their ability to teach technology effectively and give specific feedback to students in technology education. The study found that teachers felt that they gained a deeper understanding of technology education and their understanding of stu- dents’ learning in technology also developed. This article presents the final framework and teachers’ views on how they were assisted by the framework. The study offers an interna- tional perspective on ways to broaden and deepen students’ understanding in technological literacy through the development of teacher content knowledge and PCK and contributes significantly to the field of formative assessment in technology education.
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Fox-Turnbull, W. H. (2018). Assisting teachers’ understanding of student learning in technology. International Journal of Technology and Design Education. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10798-018-9484-x
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