Landing Error Scoring System

Introduction: The Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) is a 17-item clinical tool which identifies athletes at high risk of non-contact lower-extremity injuries. This work systematically reviews the literature using the LESS as main outcome to address the psychometric properties and influencing factors of LESS scores. Methods: Three electronic databases were searched in March 2018 using “Landing Error Scoring System”. All peer-reviewed English language articles using the LESS as main outcome were included (n = 38). Results: Overall LESS scores demonstrate good-to-excellent reliability, but concurrent validity of individual items against 3D motion capture is item dependent. The association between LESS scores and other screening tools is poor. The value of the LESS for predicting anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury incidence is unclear. Sex, previous ACL injury, and training program influence LESS scores. Discussion: Literature supports that the LESS is a reliable and generally valid screening tool for assessing movement patterns linked with injury risk with low financial, spatial, and temporal costs. However, further work is needed to improve its concurrent and predictive validity for non-contact lower-extremity injuries. Take home message: The LESS can be recommended to medical staff and coaches for monitoring movement abilities of athletes.
Conference Contribution
Type of thesis
Hébert-Losier, K., & Hanzlíková, I. (2018). Landing Error Scoring System. In Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand Annual Conference (pp. 42–43). Dunedin.