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The use of learning technologies to facilitate engagement in an online course

E-learning is becoming increasingly popular in many countries for its flexibility in terms of time, place and pace. Research affirms that learning technologies support interaction and collaboration among learners and improve learning outcomes. However, current practices of e-learning are not without constraints and there is a need for empirical research to assist practitioners in determining the best uses of learning technologies. This paper seeks to develop an understanding of students’ experiences and their perspectives of learning with the educational technologies of ‘Adobe virtual classroom’ and ‘Moodle’ that facilitated activities in a university course. The study was conducted using a case study method over a period of one semester. With Activity Theory as its research framework, the research methods of this study include individual interviews, online observation and document analysis. This paper includes some of the initial findings of the research and a brief discussion on how the educational technologies facilitated students’ engagement in this course. This may inform practitioners of the pragmatic constraints and affordances of existing technologies, learning activities and strategies used in online learning environments.
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Gedera, D. S. P., & Williams, P. J. (2013). The use of learning technologies to facilitate engagement in an online course. International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science, 9(2), 12–20.
This article is published in the International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science ( IJITCS ).