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Options for solar thermal and heat recovery loop hybrid system design

Integration of solar thermal energy into low temperature pinch processes, like dairy and food and beverage processes is more economic when combined with a Heat Recovery Loop (HRL) to form a hybrid inter-plant heat recovery system. The hybrid system shares common infrastructure and improves solar heat utilisation through direct solar boosting of the HRL intermediate fluid’s temperature and enthalpy either through parallel or series application. The challenge of dealing with variable solar energy supply is less of a problem in the hybrid system because the HRL with its associated storage acts as an enthalpy buffer which absorbs temperature and flow rate fluctuations on both the heat supply (including solar) and heat demand side simultaneously. Three options for integrating solar thermal directly into HRLs are applied to a large multi-plant dairy case study to demonstrate the hot utility savings potential of the Solar-HRL hybrid system. HRL performance with Variable Temperature Storage (VTS) and solar is dynamically modelled with historical plant data. The series configuration is shown to be consistently better than parallel configuration for the same thermal storage volumes and similar heat exchanger areas.
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Walmsley, M. R. W., Walmsley, T. G., Atkins, M. J., & Neale, J. R. (2014). Options for solar thermal and heat recovery loop hybrid system design. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 39, 361–366. http://doi.org/10.3303/CET1439061
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