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2021 NSCBI Paakehaa/Tauiwi Caucus Conference Session and Future Directions

The National Standing Committee on Bicultural Issues (NSCBI) celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Annual NZPsS Conference, held virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions. The Paakehaa/Tauiwi caucus discussed the NSCBI’s core values, focusing on how to uphold and connect with each value, such as protecting values passed down by tūpuna and promoting a vision of the future. Anti-racism education was presented, emphasizing the journey from the “Fear Zone” to the “Learning Zone” and into the “Growth Zone” as a tool for self-assessment. Reflections on supporting and challenging each other to make psychological practice actively anti-racist concluded the session. Key takeaways included the discomfort of staying silent, the importance of learning and trying, and being a bridge for others on their anti-racist journey. The participants agreed on the usefulness of the discussion and expressed a commitment to organizing more regular online events focusing on anti-racism and anti-racist practice. The NSCBI Paakehaa/Tauiwi aims for 2021-2022 include strategically highlighting contributions to hostile working environments, developing relationships with anti-racism groups, promoting Māori psychologies, and facilitating online conversations, webinars, and discussions on Te Tiriti o Waitangi and biculturalism. The group also plans to develop training material and professional development for practitioners. The NSCBI acknowledges the ongoing progress in understanding racism and fostering openness among Paakehaa/Tauiwi in engaging with bicultural practices. Those interested in NSCBI events or contributing to their organization and promotion can visit the NZPsS Events page.
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