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Retribution-style adult image-based sexual abuse : crime scripting, CRAVED and situational crime prevention

The majority of Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) prosecutions in New Zealand typically involved the misuse of an adult (female) victim’s intimate images by a current or former (male) intimate partner--- "retribution-style" image-based sexual abuse (IBSA). Retribution-style IBSA encompasses abusive behaviours such as covert intimate filming or photography, the non-consensual storage of a victim’s intimate images, threats to disseminate such images and the actual dissemination of a victim’s intimate images. The harms of victimisation include significant emotional distress, job loss, and physical and online stalking and harassment by internet users who viewed their intimate images. Due to the ubiquity and permanence of the internet, retribution-style IBSA victims cannot be guaranteed that their intimate images would not resurface in future. This study aims to establish an evidence base for retribution-style IBSA. The crime-commission process of retribution-style IBSA is investigated using crime script analysis. The components of IBSA target selection are detailed using the components in the CRAVED framework, and barriers to prevention, tactical and strategic approaches for IBSA prevention are identified using a thematic analysis of 4 semi-structured interviews and 18 court transcripts. Crime intervention points and a situational crime prevention (SCP) framework would be devised to assist law enforcement and policy makers with IBSA prevention in New Zealand.
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O’Hara, A. (2019). Retribution-style adult image-based sexual abuse : crime scripting, CRAVED and situational crime prevention (Thesis, Master of Security and Crime Science (MSCS)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/12835
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