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The enhancement of technology education classroom practice in New Zealand

This paper reports on a number of New Zealand technology education research studies undertaken over seven years by researchers in the Centre for Science and Technology Education Research centred upon examining and enhancing classroom practice. Early classroom research undertaken in 1992-1994 showed that key aspects for teacher development programmes related to teachers’ developing robust concepts of technology and technology education, as well as developing an understanding of technological practice in a variety of contexts. Based on these aspects a national Technology Teacher Development Resource Programme was developed during 1995-1996. This programme included video material of technological practice and classroom practice, accompanying explanatory text and workshop activities. Further research undertaken in 1997 indicated that although teachers developed broader and more consistent concepts about the nature of technology through an examination of technological practice, they experienced difficulties effectively translating this into appropriate classroom strategies for sustaining student learning. The media based resources only took the teachers so far in their understanding of teaching technology. In 1998-2000 a research and intervention programme was undertaken in primary school classrooms aimed towards improving teachers’ understanding of teaching, learning and assessing in technology. A planning framework for assisting teachers to detail student technological learning outcomes in different domains was developed. The articulation of the learning outcomes enhanced teacher knowledges in technology education and assisted teachers’ formative interactions and summative assessment practices. Subsequently student learning was enhanced.
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Moreland, J. & Jones, A. (2001). The enhancement of technology education classroom practice in New Zealand. In Ilja Mottier and Marc J de Vries (eds.), New Media in Technology Education, PATT-11 Conference. PATT, Netherlands, (8-13 March) 2001. p.181-192.
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