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Pacific parental engagement and intergenerational storytelling in Aotearoa New Zealand

In this article, we focus on how Pacific family support places success of individuals within a wider narrative of intergenerational family stories, contributing to successful futures for the participating Pacific youth and their families. Guided by Pacific research principles, we used interviews with families and adolescents to explore the role of family narratives, in ten Pacific families in Aotearoa New Zealand, which supported academic success for their children. Our data sources included conversations with youth, their families, and visual representations created by the youth to illustrate their perceptions of parental support. The findings highlighted the role of families’ stories in supporting their children’s education. Strong intergenerational expectations were expressed from the dual perspectives of parents and their children. The formative role of family stories within the youths’ experiences of success provides opportunity to acknowledge the relational foundations of intergenerational stories.
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