Editorial: 2010 General Issue

Welcome to the first edition of the New Zealand Journal of Human Resource Management (NZJHRM) for 2010. I’d like to welcome Maree Roche, who is joining me as a guest-editor for this edition. We are pleased this edition is ready so early in the year, and hope this is testament to the journals growing popularity and interest by Human Resource Management professionals, academics, and researchers. The revised focus of the NZJHRM has allowed for a greater collection of researches from countries other than New Zealand to present research that will facilitate understanding in a New Zealand HR context. The current issue supports this expanded role of the journal and presents research by Australian, UK and African researchers. By embracing research from diverse locations, New Zealand HR professionals glean insight into local and international issues relevant to HRM. 2009 was known as the year of the financial crisis, with resultant impact on HR. However, 2010 presents another year of continued challenge for HR including continued change and restructure, re-engaging of the workforce, and refocusing on retention of talent. As such, the current issue works towards providing insight into managing the complexity and challenges 2010 will continue bring.
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Haar, J. M. (2010). Editorial: 2010 General Issue. New Zealand Journal of Human Resource Management, 10(1), 2–3.
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