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Characterizing an image intensifier in an full-field range image system

We are developing a high precision full-field range imaging system. An integral component in this system is an image intensifier, which is modulated at frequencies up to 100 MHz. The range measurement precision is dictated by the image intensifier performance, in particular, the achievable modulation frequency, modulation depth, and waveform shape. By characterizing the image intensifier response, undesirable effects can be observed and quantified with regards to the consequence on the resulting range measurements, and the optimal operating conditions can be selected to minimize these disturbances. The characterization process utilizes a pulsed laser source to temporally probe the gain of the image intensifier. The laser is pulsed at a repetition rate slightly different to the image intensifier modulation frequency, producing a continuous phase shift between the two signals. A charge coupled device samples the image intensifier output, capturing the response over a complete modulation period. Deficiencies in our measured response are clearly identifiable and simple modifications to the configuration of our electrical driver circuit improve the modulation performance.
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Payne, A.D., Dorrington, A.A., Cree, M.J. & Carnegie, D.A. (2008). Characterizing an image intensifier in an full-field range image system. IEEE Sensors Journal, 8(11), 1763-1770.
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