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Hangarau me te Māori: Māori and technology

A sign of a vibrant, healthy developing nation is the adaptation and uptake of new technologies. Māori have a long, but mostly unrecognised, history of ingenious innovation and adaption of new technologies. This chapter will reveal Māori ingenuity through discussion of historic examples and modern media usages by Māori, and the future implications these have for Māori. Technology can be defined as tools, devices and machines that have been developed by the application of scientific knowledge. Māori technology, then, is Māori tools, devices and machines that have been developed by the application of Māori scientific knowledge. This chapter discusses some examples of innovative Māori technology and their adoption in both historic and modern times. It includes sections on historic Māori technology, Māori media innovation and Māori adoption of Internet technology. Two sections are further expanded on: Māori in social networking sites and te reo Māori in technology. The chapter concludes with the authors' thoughts on how the adoption of new technologies will shape tikanga Māori and te reo Māori into the future.
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Keegan, T. T. A. G., & Sciascia, A. D. (2018). Hangarau me te Māori: Māori and technology. In M. Reilly, S. Duncan, G. Leoni, L. Paterson, L. Carter, M. Rātima, & P. Rewi (Eds.), Te Kōparapara: An Introduction to the Māori World (pp. 359–371). Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press.
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