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Sustaining dance education in New Zealand: Some issues facing pre-service, primary teacher educators

In the area of Dance Education particularly in a primary education context there are several publications on how to teach dance from a variety of philosophical standpoints (Stinson, 1997; Gough, 1999; Autard-Smith, 2002; Cone and Cone, 2005; McCutchen, 2006). Recent research into dance pedagogy analysed the concepts and approaches to creativity by three specialist dance teachers within a primary context in the United Kingdom (Chappell, 2007). Several dance researchers in New Zealand (Bolwell, 1998; Hong, 2000; Renner, 2006; Buck, 2007) have focused on Dance Education within a primary school context from the following angles: developing dance literacy, primary teachers’ voices in relation to teaching dance, approaches to curriculum dance, analysis of children’s reflections to live dance performance, and dance and interdisciplinary arts. However the issue of sustainable dance education for pre-service primary educators has not been examined. This paper explores some of the challenges facing dance educators working with pre-service primary teachers in the New Zealand context and reports on a particular cohort of student viewpoints.
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Cheesman, S. (2009). Sustaining dance education in New Zealand: Some issues facing pre-service, primary teacher educators. In C. Stock(Ed.), Dance Dialogues: Conversations across cultures, artforms and practices, Proceedings of the 2008 Dance Alliance Global Summit, Brisbane, 13-18 July. On-line publication, QUT Creative Industries and Ausdance, http://www.ausdance.org.au.
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This article has been presented at 2008 World Dance Alliance Global Summit, Brisbane, Australia, 13-18 July. Used with permission.