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Task-Based Learning: An Opportunity for Focused Learning in Technology Education

This chapter begins by outlining what is meant by Task-based Learning (TBL). The focus will be centred on the need to first define the content of the task. This is particularly important in Technology Education, because of the ideas of intentionality and establishing a shared goal in the TBL literature (Stelma, 2014). This is a challenge for the technology educator due to the ways in which content is conceived within the subject. The philosophy of technology invariably describes technological knowledge as action oriented, and resultantly, opposed to having a bespoke body of declarative knowledge that traditionally defined school subjects. Technology Education is necessarily more eclectic in its selection of what content is considered relevant. Ultimately this leaves the technology educator with more decisions surrounding the nature tasks to be used, the technological context of tasks, and how the task is framed to learners. Thus, although the focus of this chapter is pedagogical, it is first necessary to question the purpose behind tasks in Technology Education. This exploration of the organisation of teaching and learning within Technology Education leads to the question; why are you adopting Task-based Learning?
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