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Country institutional report: New Zealand

Waikato University pioneered the development of Women’s Studies as an academic discipline in New Zealand, with the first paper on this subject being offered in 1974. By 1982, a programme of papers was offered within five departments and the subject could be taken as a second supporting subject. A Centre for Women’s Studies was established in 1986, and, by 1988, was offering five taught core undergraduate papers and six electives, all of which could be taken towards a first or second support. A supporting BSocSci major in Women’s Studies became available in 1988, along with a Diploma in Women’s Studies. The full major became available in 1990. At this time, the major comprised a limited selection of core Women’s Studies papers complemented by a wider range of elective papers offered by other departments. This structure ensured that the programme had strong interdisciplinary, and in some cases inter-faculty linkages, along with wide support across the university through a network of elective teachers. These linkages appear to have facilitated strong growth in student numbers during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
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Michelle, C. (2004). Country institutional report: New Zealand. In P. Bergstrom (eds), Women’s/Genders Studies in Asia-Pacific (pp. 324-334). Bangkok, Thailand: UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.
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